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LanLook Real Estate is a real estate website, that allows you to buy, to sale, and to rent your real estate by putting ads for totally free. There are many transactions are carried out through our web site to purchase and rent the real estate because it is absolutely free, so you have not to pay a fee for sell, for buy or rent your property.

What you pay, and what you get!

Our services result in real savings.
All of our services are free of charge and are offered for your comfort and convenience


Free of charge services

  • Register and have your own account;
  • Create your own property ads;
  • Post or hide your ads on web site;
  • Search the database for properties.

LanLook is

  • Real People...
  • Real Homes...
  • Real Savings...


There are not extra payments:

You can just pay for puuting your property on front page of our web site.

Your listings can be marketed and advertised in two ways:
  • Sale by owner
  • We can help you post your property ads

To list property for sale by owner, please read our terms and agreements, and register here.
To list property for sale by our company, please contact us here and we will put your listings on our web site after we have received of your information and signed contract for services.